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Notgames Fest 2013

The Notgames Fest is an exhibition about not-so-gamey but playful interactive media. In collaboration with the Belgium-based game studio Tale of Tales, the Cologne Game Lab is the host of the bi-annual event.

Notgames Fest

August 12-16

Fachhochschule Köln
Cologne / Germany

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If games form the top of an iceberg, notgames provide the remainder. Videogames are an incredibly versatile creative medium. Beyond the confines of competitive play, a wealth of experiences awaits us. From deep psychological probing to whimsical lighthearted joy, this year´s Notgames Fest intends to illustrate the breadth of human existence captured in interactive art. No more hiding behind the young age of the medium or despairing about humanity’s addiction to empty fun. It is time to wield this formidable tool for the pursuit of beauty in its myriad forms

Michael Samyn, Tale of Tales

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