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Porta Praetoria C.C.A.A.Porta Praetoria C.C.A.A.Porta Praetoria C.C.A.A.

By KaTi

On 15, May 2017 | In | By KaTi

Porta Praetoria C.C.A.A.

Porta Praetoria C.C.A.A. is a location-based app for Smartphones that introduces users to the Roman roots of Cologne with the help of a playful approach to Augmented-Reality Gaming. With the project, my research groups HisToGo (2015-17) and EPPSA (2016-19) at TH Köln aim at developing a novel multiplayer approach to teaching history on site.

The project is currently in a first technical protoyping phase where we are testing multiplayer dynamics and and a layered learning-playing model.