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Rites of passage: Creating Impactful Scenarios for the Transition in Between Realities // Workshop @ EATEL Summerschool

June 4, 2019, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

A majority of virtual (learning) experiences confronts users with a sudden switch from actual reality to virtuality, thus neglecting the moment of transition and the space in between as design opportunity. Mixed Reality technologies however, and the experiences created from them demand for an exploitation of this particular moment of transition that might eventually act as a facilitator to furthering and prolonging desired learning effects in both mobile and stationary experiences.

By presenting findings from the creation of our Porta Praetoria MR Smartphone App, workshop participants will be introduced to chances and challenges of designing inner-diegetic transition scenarios within the reality-virtuality-continuum (P. Milgram and A. F. Kishino, 1994).

Drawing on the anthropological three-stage model of the “rites of passage” (van Gennep, 1977) and adopting it with the means of technology as well as the medium’s key affordances: “theme/story”, “environment”, “interaction” and “embodiment”, participants will develop a series of design considerations as first steps towards a methodology for creating powerful entry-, exit- and transition scenarios.

The use of Mixed Realities enables, especially in teaching, vivid presentations that can be experienced intuitively and promote a holistic understanding of what is presented. Since this is a highly promising but very young medium, the early development of an interaction metho­dology with and in mixed realities is of great importance.


Participants will learn to approach the concept of experienceable MR spaces, to utilize reality-virtuality-transitions and to design spatial contexts.


June 4, 2019
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm




Hotel Riva del Sole
Bari, Italy
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