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Maya – The Magic Chocolate

On 05, Dec 2012 | No Comments | In Blog, Games

Maya – The Magic Chocolate is an advanced memory game for families and kids age 4+. Your mission is to hide and recollect as many cocoa beans without being caught by infamous Montezuma´s guards. But beware of the bitter and rotten beans – those will keep you from confecting your own magic chocolate.

The game is a handcrafted paper prototype which was originally intended to be played with real cocoa beans and a “cook your own chocolate”-reward session as an extension to the game experience.

I developed the game in collaboration with the incredibly inspiring board-game designer Jens-Peter Schliemann. It was a joy to design and craft the assets for our prototype.

Download the instructions

Setup of the board game "Maya and the magic chocolate"

pick a token

Distributing the items on the board

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