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Les Ateliers Du Jeu Vidéo 2013

Les Ateliers Du Jeu Vidéo is an annual series of talks and workshop around the diploma presentation of the graduate students at L’École nationale du jeu et des médias interactifs numériques (Enjmin).

Les Ateliers Du Jeu Vidéo

December 18, 2013

Angoulême / France

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Session Title:
The truth about reality – Games as medium to leverage transformation processes in our societies

Session Description:

As with all things, there is no absolute truth. Everything we watch and read comes from a certain perspective and context. Thus the question of art being a valid medium to depict or represent reality is most likely as old as the arts themselves. Discussing a selection of internationally acclaimed social impact games, the presentation will give insight into the different approaches of tackling reality and truth in games. Furthermore the expressive qualities of the medium as a means of art and activism will be examined.






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