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“drop (jump and run game)

On 18, Jan 2012 | 6 Comments | In Blog, Games

DOWNLOAD my first (public) videogame “drop here:

PC Windows

Hi everyone and thanks for downloading, playing and commenting my first digital game “drop.

The game is part of the Rapid Fire Prototyping Project at the Cologne Game Lab where I have startet my studies in Game Development and Research 4 months ago.

Juggeling with minimal flash coding experience and being bound to a very little time frame I decided to realize this game with Game Maker for MAC, where you can work with a mix of drag&drop and code snippets. I startet out with focussing on the basic gameplay elements and then added the different assets, design and music elements in various iterations.

The lovely music was composed by my dear friend Julia Klomfass.

Tools: Game Maker for Mac (Fullversion), Photoshop CS4, Logic 7
Development Time: approx. 24 hours


  1. Alex Camilleri

    Hi Katharina,

    I tried drop, here some feedbacks, hope they’ll help you get better and better :)

    – At the beginning, while showing the controls, it feels like the keys you have to use are the black ones. Of course you quickly understand that it’s the other way around and you have to use the light ones, but the color scheme is very important

    – when you bounce on the black clouds, you cannot jump, which sometimes results in falling down without any chance to survive. I like the ‘bounce combo’ from cloud to cloud, but you probably have to put some more white clouds on the bottom of the screen in order to give another chance to the player in case of falling.

    – There are some collision problems, for example, if touching the clouds from below. I also used to have some collision problems with GameMaker, and the way to solve this could be of working with collision masks.

    That’s it, a good first attempt overall, congrats :)

    • Katharina

      Hi Alex, thanks for the great feed back. The collision problem is driving me crazy and I´ll try your suggestion of the collision mask.

      As for the black clouds – the effect of not being able to jump and to rain down with cloud is intentionally. Which for now is hard to understand. I plan to establish the system by having all clouds change their status to black as soon as they collide with other clouds or the drop. That way you can anticipate the instability of black clouds without losing one life.

  2. Janet Lee

    luv your short films! couldn’t playyour mini-game : ( c u april.

  3. Olga Polasik

    first of all: i love your poetic introductions. no matter what – you’re always classy and funny. i guess i have to practice more! couldn’t make it to the sun. keep on fallin still. but it’s fun :-).

  4. Hey Katharina,

    What i appreciate the most is the atmosphere, the mix of visuals and music works pretty well. As said in the previous comments, it’s for sure an elegant experience. I finished the game two times, and probably would have try a third is there were new levels.

    What you can easely improve is the start screen and the replay screen. In my opinion, the player could be able to start a new game just by pressing start.

    Thanks for sharing, see you soon.

  5. Just by pressing the space bar i mean.

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