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Moskito Beat

European Youth Event 2016

The Science Of Things

Making It Personal – Towards A Customized Experience For Impact Games

Are Serious Games Fun to play? // WDR

Games for Change Europe Festival 2014

Notgames Fest 2013

Maya – The Magic Chocolate

Voodoo – Break The Spell

Der Boden Unter Den Füßen


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Games that are more than Games

14th August 2015

“Notgames are not a niche phenomenon. They are a reminder that most traditional video games still are trapped in a niche.” German newspaper “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” published an excellent writeup on the last and final Notgames Fest. Read more…

Games and Education for Sustainable Living

25th February 2015

I was interviewed for the German UNESCO Education Portal about the potential of digital games and the role of their makers in the education for sustainable living.

Read more…

Science Of Things

27th December 2014

This is a selection of microscopic photos I took between March and June 2014. All images were created with an low-budget SUPRA SU 1070 microscope using magnifying factors 10x / 40x and a handheld iPhone 4s  camera.  Read more…